Thursday, May 19, 2016

Grub Street Printing Newsletter #85, May 2016

RR Donnelly Closing OR Book Plant
RR Donnelly has announced it is closing its Gresham OR commercial and book printing plant August 1, leaving 113 workers unemployed. In 2006 Gresham gave Donnelly a 5 year tax exemption for a $30 million facility expansion.
B&N Founder Stepping Aside
After purchasing a single Barnes & Noble on Manhattan in 1971, and eventually managing a chain of 640 national bookstores, Leonard Riggio is retiring and remains optimistic about book retailing.

5 Years Later Borders CEO Lays Blame
Although he was only CEO of Borders for 19 months, Mike Edwards analyzes Border's bankruptcy in which Edwards and his board were financially rewarded ($8.3 million) while the store employees (who were the best thing about Borders) got unemployment benefits. Worse, top managers right to the end caused the bankruptcy.
Dorling Kindersley For Sale
When our children were small their favorite books were DK. They were generally oversized and very colorful and covered everything from planets to insects, anatomy to ocean life. Penguin has announced DK is for sale.
2015 Book Sales Up, Revenue Down
Trade book sales increased by just 0.8% last year while overall revenue fell 2.6%. Children's ebooks fell 43% while adult ebooks declined 9.5%
Amazon Takes on eLearning

Despite the fact that most studies indicate children learn best from ink and paper books, the NYC school system inked a $30 million contract with Amazon to design digital educational products.
Reviving the Failing eBook Subscription Model
Apparently what's been missing all along for ebook subscription providers (besides profits) is curated content! Who knew?
Designing Covers 101
Admittedly designing magazine covers has different strictures than designing book covers, but there are enough thoughtful ideas here that's it's definitely worth a read.

1851 Printing Press at Clements Library
Like many manufacturing products, there was a time when printing presses not only reproduced art, they themselves were handsomely styled and elaborately decorated. This one's gorgeous.
Printers Victims of New Scam
While just a variation on previous scams involving checks that can't be cleared overnight, this one involves production and shipping. Printers write off too much debt every year in their zeal to keep the presses producing.
China Reigns in Apple
With iPhone sales faltering and stock prices tumbling, the last thing Apple needed was increased scrutiny from the Chinese government. Last month China halted sales from iBooks Store and iTunes Movies 6 months after each opened.
A B&N “Concept” Store
After announcing that B&N hopes to have 4 “concept” stores opening in 2017, details are emerging of the first in Eastchester, NY. It is designed around a former Border's store and hopes to “encourage customers to buy products online”.
At Last, A Self Deleting Book
I know artists shouldn't be concerned about making a buck, so Stefan Ahnhem won't be too discouraged when the reader reaction to his disappearing serial crime ebook is underwhelming.
Final Thought
He wins every hand who mingles profit with pleasure, by delighting and instructing the reader at the same time. Horace

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